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Iris Chinchilla

A desk?!!!Posted by Iris Chinchilla on 2013-01-25

So here I am at my new place and my NEW DESK! Sounds cheesy, but it's a big step for me. Came to Vegas with nothing but a dream and feel so blessed to have something now called a desk... Read More >>

Iris Chinchilla

Lost my job!Posted by Iris Chinchilla on 2013-01-17

So I got quit my job at a liquor store today. I had to compile a business plan for my new project I can't discuss yet, but it's gonna be huge! We are partnering with one of the largest LGBT events in Vegas in April... Read More >>

Iris Chinchilla

My First Film blogPosted by Iris Chinchilla on 2012-12-11

A little about me to start is I'm from Dallas, Texas. I now reside in Las Vegas, NV as of May 10, 2012. I moved out here to pursue my dream of writing and producing TV commercials, but I never expected to be doing commercials, documentaries, and reality shows... Read More >>