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Shooting an Interview and the first conversation with my screenwriting mentor Posted on 2017-04-30 by Peter DuBois

I have been very busy over the past month. Developing the idea for the screenplay I'm going to write in addition to working with my mentor Darko on several projects has kept me very occupied. While my previous experience shooting a street performer on the Las Vegas strip got me very comfortable working with a smaller camera such as the Sony A7S2 I was using, I had to expand my knowledge of cameras as I learned my next project would involve me working with a Sony FS7 professional camcorder. I was lucky enough to go with my mentor Darko on a job he had shooting a conference at the Mandalay Bay. Using two cameras, he actually let me operate the FS7 as his B-Camera. Following this, he taught me much more about the FS7 in my next two lessons and even let me assemble it myself which would prove to be very helpful. The next time I met with him, I had to shoot a short interview at a local park using the natural light source during the "golden hour" which refers to the time before the sun sets where lighting is great for shooting outdoors. I had to prepare 20 questions and set up everything with the help of my mentor. While I set up the static shot that wouldn't change for the duration o the interview, Darko provided me with exellent B-Roll footage while I was interviewing my subject. This has given me great variety to work with while I edit the footage. Recently I also got in touch with my screenwriting mentor Tom and we had a two hour discussion over the film I am going to write. He told me a little about himself and the work that he has done in the past. He really likes the film concept that I have decided to go foward with and we had a very good discussion about it. Tom has a very in-depth knowledge of how the film industry works and I look forward to getting his input and continuing to develop my screenplay.

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