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Post production on my Interview Posted on 2017-05-05 by Peter DuBois

This past week, I finished editing my Interview short project that I shot a few weeks ago. It presented a great challenge for myself considering I had over 20 minutes of footage and I eventually narrowed it down to just under 4 minutes. I had more than enough footage to piece together my interview but the biggest challenge was telling the story of my subject in a way that was entertaining to the viewer and this involved focusing heavily on the pacing of the interview. I learned from my previous project that even if you have great shots and great material to work from, if the pacing is a little off and some editing decisions do not work with the subject, it can be a distraction and take away from the viewer experience. I finished editing my interview this past Tuesday and I presented it to my mentor Darko on the same day. While I was confident that I had done a good job with the material, my mentor was blown away with what I did with the footage. He went as far to say that he was very suprised and impressed with what I did and even went to grab his wife and forced her to watch it because he was so pleased. The only issue he had with it was some color correction difficulties from the difference in quality from the Sony FS7 and the Sony A7S. I told Darko from the beginning that I had some difficulties with color correction and he made it clear it's not a big deal and it's an easy mistake to fix. Re-watching the interview I am actually very pleased with what I accomplished and I know this was a great learning experience that will be very helpful for me going forward.

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