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Preparation for upcoming short film Posted on 2017-06-11 by Peter DuBois

About a month ago I showed my mentor Darko the completed interview that I shot with him two weeks prior. His response was overwhelmingly posititve. He stated that he was genuinely suprised by how good the finished product was and that I had exceeded his expectations. There were a couple minor color correction issues I experienced from shooting on the two different Sony cameras, but nothing extremely glaring. My mentor said that I did an excellent job telling the story of my subject through editing and that the pacing of it was excellent. Following this, we discussed what my next project would be. After tossing around a few ideas, Darko said that he would like for us to shoot a small dialogue scene with a three camera set-up! Originally we intended to just get two people to have a normal ad-libbing conversation with each other, but after I told Darko the synopsis for the film I'm going to be writing, he suggested that I write the dialogue scene myself. This excited me as I knew I would have the opportunity to work on my writing skills, shoot it and edit the entire project myself. I have done this before with some of the short films I made for my YouTube channel in the past but I obviously never had the chance to work with this kind of equipment. We are going to be shooting at his house next week with my girlfriend and my friend acting in the short film. I completed the 12 page script about two days ago and I am very pleased with what I wrote. Now it is all about execution. I must work with Darko and my actors to make the best possible film I can and then move on to post-production.

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