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Working on a NBC documentary as a Production Assistant Posted on 2017-06-29 by Peter DuBois

A little over a week ago I was fortunate to get my first job working on a production as a PA. My mentor Darko informed me a month ago that he was going to be working on this project as a camera operator and he wanted me to work with him as a PA. While he did not know all the details at the time, he informed me that the people working on this project had worked previously on several ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries. Later on we found out that this was actually going to be a one hour documentary for NBC Sports about the 1998 Czech hockey team that won gold at the Olympics in Nagano, Japan. I was informed that they we're shooting here in Vegas for a few days because of all the NHL festivities going on with our new expansion team. The first day of shooting was one of the most exciting days of my life. This being my first ever job on a production, I was eager to work and do whatever I could to assist the production in any way shape or form. I got introduced to the director Ondrej Hudecek. He had directed several short films over the years including "Peacock" which had won the short film special jury prize at Sundance in 2016. I also met Brett Rapkin, who was a writer and producer on this project. I learned later that he actually wrote and directed a feature film called "Spaceman" starring Josh Duhmel. It was a great honor to work with both of these men in addition to several others. The work itself was what I expected for the most part. I helped retrieve the camera and lighting equipment, set it up, and helped adjust the setting for the interviews to Ondrej's liking. Shooting inside of a large suite inside of the Encore hotel and casino presented some challenges but it was incredible to watch Ondrej solve these issues with the help of the crew including myself. What I didn't expect was that I was also going to be working as a media manager on this project. After we finished shooting on both days, I would be given footage from the Arri Alexa mini, Sony FS7 in addition to the audio files and it was my responsibility to copy everything to several hard drives on my computer. This made me nervous initially but I took a deep breath and proceeded to get the job done. By the end of the production before I left, Ondrej spoke to me about finding the right people to make my films a reality and if you can't get the financial backers you need, to go out, find some actors and make it yourself. He spoke about passion and finding people who share the same passion in order to acheive my goals. I can see that he was a man who had a great passion for filmmaking. It was an honor and a privilege working with him and it is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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