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Editing my short film and writing the third treatment of my screenplay Posted on 2017-07-27 by Peter DuBois

After writing, directing and shooting my short film "Jared and Hayley" about a month ago, I have had a bit of a busy schedule. I went out of town for two weeks to go on vacation with my girfriend and her family and then went to New Mexico with my sister to visit my family. But with the time I had in between I managed to get most the editing on my short film done in addition to completing the third draft of my treatment for the screenplay I'm writing. Working with my short film in post production, I see some of the small mistakes I made and I acknowledge some of the things I could have done differently, but overall I am very pleased with the finished product and I couldn't be more grateful for the performances I got from my two actors. As far as my screenplay goes, recieving notes on my treatment at first made me a bit uncomfortable as I've never really had anyone evaluate my work before but after turning in my third draft, I am beginning to truly understand the benefit of getting notes. Getting outside perspective from my screenwriting mentor has helped me view my story in a different light and highlighted some problems that I may have never noticed if I was the only one reading it. I had a great conversation with my screenwriting mentor after turning it in and I recieved very few notes afterwards. This will most likely be the final draft of my treatment. I will address some of the small problems that remain in addition to polishing everything that worked from my previous drafts. I am excited to move forward with this and start writing my screenplay with the story and all of the scenes laid out in my treatment.

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