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Finishing editing my short film Posted on 2017-08-19 by Peter DuBois

After working on post production for my short film "Jared and Hayley" for a little over a month, I finally finished editing last week. Overall I was pleased with what the finished product looked like. But while I think I did an overall solid job writing the script, directing, shooting and editing the film, there are several small mistakes I made that I know I can learn from going forward. I wrote the script in one week and it was about fifteen pages long. Considering I've never written something in such a short amount of time I think I did a very good job telling a story in such a short amount of time with limited resources. It was initially a dialogue scene between two people but I really wanted to attempt to tell a story through conversation and nothing more so this presented a great challenge for me. I knew my girlfriend was going to play the female role when writing the script but I had no one to play the male role. The last day I was finally able to contact an old friend and convince him to act in my film. Shooting the film was a challenge as well. Me and my mentor set everything up very quickly and we gave the actors a chance to go over the script with each other. When we started shooting the film, my actors had some trouble remembering their lines and while I was operating the camera, I also had to direct them and feed them lines whenever necessary. It distracted me a little bit and I feel like it took away from my focus as a director at times. It was never serious though because when I needed to step in and give my actors direction and context on the emotional brevity of the film, I did it. Editing it however there was one particular exchange between the two characters that was not exactly how I wanted it executed in the script. Editing the film there were some challenges as well but after I started piecing the film together with music and sound effects, I got into a nice groove and found the rythem I was looking for editing wise. I showed my mentor the finished product and he enjoyed what I did with it. There were some small issues with the sound editing and color correction for some of the scenes but he thought the editing overall was very good and I told the story very well. I am going to correct the small issues I had with the film and use this as a learning experience going forward.

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