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Storyboarding my next project and writing the first act of my screenplay Posted on 2017-12-21 by Peter DuBois

These last two months have been somewhat difficult for myself. I was working on the YouTube talk show "Fired Up Football" I mentioned in my previous blog entry for about 2 months but following the first four episodes that I shot, recorded and edited entirely by myself, I decided to step away from the show to focus on my own personal projects. This was not a suprise for the people I worked with as the intial agreement was to do four episodes and see where it goes. At $100 an episode, it simply wasn't enough for me to continue producing episodes in addition to working on my projects, writing my screenplay and finishing up my course at Film Connection. I'm very proud of what I was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time and I already got another offer from a YouTuber looking for a DP and editor. While I ultimately had to turn it down for the same reason I stopped working on "Fired Up Football" I was honored to be given the opportunity. The work I was doing previously also got in the way of the work I was doing with my mentor Darko. I had not seen him in well over a month and we weren't able to  really discuss the details of my next project until just recently. I went over to his house for a lesson and we determined that my next project would be a short documentary based around a piece of poetry that my girlfriend wrote about a year ago. With no intention of letting anybody read it initially, she read it to me a couple months ago and I was absolutely mesmerized. I knew that in that moment that I was going to a make a short film in order to create a visual representation of her poem.

When discussing my next project to my mentor, I brought up the possibility of doing this and he was on board one hundred percent. The next step was for me to record my girlfriend reading the poem which will serve as a voice over later on, find a piece of music and then create a storyboard based around the poem itself. I am almost done with the storyboard and after talking about it with both my mentor and my girlfriend, I am extremely confident in what I am going to create. I also have been working on the first draft of my screenplay for the past month or so. There were plenty of small challenges that arose early in the writing process but I was able to overcome most of them and continue to move forward. Unfortunately, I also realized that I have a bad tendency to write way too many details in my script and I have several dialogue scenes that go on way too long. While I am proud of what I wrote so far, I know this is a problem becuase I have not reached the conclusion of the first act and I'm already on page seventy-eight. I really look forward to the upcoming phone call with my screenwriting mentor so I can discuss some of the issues I've been having in the writing process. I have certainly gained a tremendous amount respect for the screenwriting process over the course of my time here at Film Connection. It is an extremely difficult job but also very rewarding. I'm very proud of the characters and story I have created thus far and I even though it's not anywhere near completion, I know that one day when I am holding the final draft of my screenplay, even if it is a complete and utter failure, I will be proud of what I accomplished.

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