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Shooting the first half of my next short film Posted on 2018-02-25 by Peter DuBois

About two months ago, I met with my mentor and we discussed what my next project would be. After reflecting on what I had done previously, my mentor decided to let me pick what I wanted to do next. After shooting a fully scripted dialogue driven short film, I knew that I wanted to do something completely different. That's when I decided to make a short film based around my girlfriend's short poem. The poem she wrote is based on her own struggles with anxiety and it is very personal. She had no intention of showing this to anybody and simply wrote it for herself. The deep personal connection is what attracted to it and after getting her approval, I started storyboarding it. I recorded the audio and found a nice piece of music to go along with it. After the whole thing was thought out, I broke it down and realized this would require two days of shooting. One for the interior scenes and one for the exteriors, which I plan on shooting during the golden hour. Two weeks ago my mentor came over to my house and over the course of three hours we shot all the interior footage. He offered to serve as my D.P. so I could solely focus on directing, but I really wanted to challenge myself so I decided to assume both roles. My mentor did assist me quite a bit though, not only providing all of his equipment for me to use, but also operating the camera at times and giving me very useful advice along the way.

Working with my girlfriend Jasman once again was also a positive as we're both very comfortable with each other and having discussed her poem and the visual elements of the short film previously, she knew exactly what I was going for and what I wanted from her. This being her story, she really did a great job and had a wonderful understanding of the material. Telling her story through visuals with no dialogue whatsoever was also a very interesting experience. Not having to record audio while shooting was very nice as it was one less thing to worry about and allowed me more freedom to get a variety of difficult shots. It was also difficult however because almost all of the short films I made previously (including stuff on my YouTube channel) contained dialogue and audio was always very important. Not picking up any kind of audio while shooting this project was very strange as I had always used dialogue to some extent as a means to tell the story. After uploading all of the footage to my computer and selecting the best takes, I am very pleased with what I came away with on the first day. I look forward to shooting the exterior scenes, moving on to post production and completeing my short film.

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