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Writer's Block Posted on 2016-10-10 by Jon Dula

At the climactic speech from my protagonist, my progress of my screenplay had been stagnant. It is such an important part of the film in my opinion and I wanted it to be perfect even though it was the very first draft and I know I will be writing more drafts in the future. I completely gave up looking for a solution hoping that maybe fate will run its course and I will find inspiration when I am not looking for it in the slightest. And sure enough I did. And as strange is it sounds, it came from watching Watchmojo videos on YouTube for days. What was great about it was I was able to see what films and plot twists worked and did not work in the industry in just a fifteen minute video. Now I am so excited to continue writing my screenplay, I found the most inspiration from a fan theory video and in particular the fan theory that Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of Pokemon was in a comatose state during the show. I think after watching fan theories about things not being the way they seem has really opened my eyes to the possibilities for the conclusion of my screenplay. The best advice I've gotten recently is that things may not always be exactly what they seem, especially in the world of film.

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