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Am I The Only One Waiting For A Dick Grayson Series? Posted on 2016-10-19 by Jon Dula

Ever since his appearance in "Batman: The Animated Series" Nightwing has been a favorite superhero of mine. With superheroes becoming more and more marketable by the second, I'm beginning to think that a Dick Grayson trilogy or a Nightwing TV series would not disappoint. Especially since Dick Grayson's background and motives are much similar to Batman's people would go crazy for another film like Batman Begins. Think about it, the seventh installment of the Star Wars Saga was almost identical to the first ever Star Wars film and it killed in the box office. Avatar was a retelling of Pocahontas and it broke plenty of records at the time of its release. For those not familiar with the Boy Wonder's backstory, his parents are murdered in front of him just like Bruce Wayne's parents. Batman then takes him under his wing (pun intended) and Dick Grayson becomes Robin.

The origin story for the first film is very much there, it can involve his experience in a family of acrobats and rather than focusing on Batman it can focus on Dick's training and struggles becoming a worthy sidekick to the Dark Knight. The second film can go a variety of different ways, it can focus on Robin's decision to lead the Teen Titans, or it can focus on Dick's decision to become Nightwing to assert his indendence as a superhero. It can also involve his relationship with Batgirl or his college years or even his declining relationship with Batman. Then the final installment could be about his lfe as protector of Bludhaven, neighboring city of Gotham. The conclusion could be the reunion between him and Batman in order to defeat the villain after they put aside their differences.

Unfortunately, creating a script for a superhero I am passionate about is a task I don't think I am established enough to do just yet. But if I was ever given the opportunity, I would definitely write a Dick Grayson series.

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