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Major: Editing

Youngest of 3, been homeschool and online taught all my life; lived in China for three years, also lived in Switzerland for 2 years. 

Have and continue to love movies, just want to work and be apart of something that I love. 

Editing and Camera work are my passion! 

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Daryn Davidson

New YearPosted by Daryn Davidson on 2016-01-06

Finshed up 5 videos in total with Suan Singer right before the hoildays. It was a pleaure working with her! Continueing to keep my skills sharp and maybe learn some new ones, near me is a film studio that dose workshops, for 10 weeks I'm there... Read More >>

Daryn Davidson

Update #1 Posted by Daryn Davidson on 2015-08-25

I'm sure you have wondered where the hell I've been; so here is a quick update..... Still working with Susan Singer (great) Working on a fourth video for Susan about woman empowerment (great great)  I did a 2 part coffee spiecel for Susan, should be out soon on Youtube  (great great great)  That's it for the moment, I'll keep y'all updated ^_^ Read More >>