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Daryn Davidson

New YearPosted by Daryn Davidson on 2016-01-06

Finshed up 5 videos in total with Suan Singer right before the hoildays. It was a pleaure working with her! Continueing to keep my skills sharp and maybe learn some new ones, near me is a film studio that dose workshops, for 10 weeks I'm there... Read More >>

Daryn Davidson

Update #1 Posted by Daryn Davidson on 2015-08-25

I'm sure you have wondered where the hell I've been; so here is a quick update..... Still working with Susan Singer (great) Working on a fourth video for Susan about woman empowerment (great great)  I did a 2 part coffee spiecel for Susan, should be out soon on Youtube  (great great great)  That's it for the moment, I'll keep y'all updated ^_^ Read More >>

Daryn Davidson

Been 2 weeksPosted by Daryn Davidson on 2014-11-14

Been awhile since I last updated my blog. Well, I'll just fix that! I'm seeing Joey for the first time after trying to fix the Chubby Checker clip; I'm seeing Joey later today so that's good, but the reasons for the stand by were that we were waiting for Chubby's assistant to see our concerns, and she did agree with us, and for Chubby to have a free day to reshoot... Read More >>