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8/8/2018Posted by J.F. Arthurs on 2018-08-08

So I've been really focusing on writing for the last three months, and finally pushed out the first draft of my first feature-legth screenplay: Cannonball... Read More >>

J.F. Arthurs

Catchup Blog Lessons 3/19/2018-5/7/2018Posted by J.F. Arthurs on 2018-05-09

So I'm not great at keeping up with these (obviously), but I've been doing a lot in my lessons.  I was shown some highly explanatory documentories on a multitude of filmmaking subjects, like editing and editors, the place of a good score and what a "good score" even means, some information on VFX, directors explaining their entries into hollywood, and a few more... Read More >>

J.F. Arthurs

Lesson 3, 3/12/18Posted by J.F. Arthurs on 2018-03-14

4:30p-7:30p In this lesson, we were shown a presentation on effective storytelling in editing, and given raw footage of a horror short, and given time to edit it in a way that would be effective... Read More >>