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Sophie Rose Bellin

Friday 26 June: Lesson 6Posted by Sophie Rose Bellin on 2015-06-26

This week, I'm beginning to become more confident in painting a landscape in a descriptive way. I am actually having a lot of fun describing settings and placing characters in those settings in my mind (on the page is slightly more difficult, and I'm working through it)... Read More >>

Sophie Rose Bellin

Tuesday 9 June: Lesson 4Posted by Sophie Rose Bellin on 2015-06-09

I am falling in love with Werner Herzog even when he makes me laugh for his darkness. Still working on that essay though-- I find him to be so cryptic that I'm having trouble defining his approach even as I'm enjoying the outcome- It's part of what I like about him... Read More >>

Sophie Rose Bellin

Thursday 23 April: Lesson 3Posted by Sophie Rose Bellin on 2015-04-23

4/10/15 PREPARATION 4/12/15 ALL DAY SHOOT (Hearts Afire spot) 4/13/15 ALL DAY SHOOT (Hearts Afire spot day 2) 4/15/15 ALL DAY SHOOT (Stewardship Jack trailer) 4/16/15 ALL DAY SHOOT (Stewardship Jack trailer day 2)   I must have spent about 50 hours on set this week! I learned a lot about equiptment and how to set it up safely (C-Stands, Stingers, Fabric and screens used to carve or "paint with light," how to operate a fog machine, how to figure out how many volts can go into a generator, etc)... Read More >>