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Thursday 18 June: Lesson 5 Posted on 2015-06-18 by Sophie Rose Bellin

I'm beginning the reading for lesson 5 today as well as finishing my Werner Herzog assignment.

I had another awesome meeting with my screenwriting mentor and have reuinited with my local mentor today after their 3 week shoot in Myanmar. I was able to see the spot that we filmed a few weeks ago in its final format and almost cried because it looked so beautiful and I remember what a difficult and stressful shoot it was for some involved; It was rewarding, to say the least. 

My screenwriting mentor and I now have a "scaffolding" for my screenplay- It's a very basic framework involving an overall story and order of events. I also decided how I want to begin my story and I will be writing the first 2 scenes this week. I had already written a first scene and now I'm going a different direction. One thing that I really like about my screenwriting mentor, Brian, is how he encourages me to develop ideas without developing them for me or oversuggesting things. What I really needed a person who could help me maintain my confidence level in my own ideas and style, nd he does that well- offering ideas around practicality and considerations without controlling or impacting my story too much.

I'll be back next week with my first two scenes!


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