The Dark Knight Rises. Independence Day. Blue Valentine. The Sixth Sense. The Wrestler. Twelve Monkeys. The Silence of the Lambs.

What do these famous films all share in common? All of them did location filming in the state of Pennsylvania. Thanks in part to beautiful scenery and generous tax incentives provided by the state, Pennsylvania has a busy and thriving film industry, with both local and national production companies taking advantage of all the Pennsylvania landscape has to offer.

The people profiled on this page are all highly qualified professional filmmakers, all of whom have shown their dedication to excellence as students of the Film Connection Film Institute of Pennsylvania. Each of these talented individuals was personally mentored and trained in real Pennsylvania production companies and on the set by some of the finest film professionals in the industry today. We encourage you to visit the professional websites of these filmmakers, especially if you have need of their expertise.

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Latest Blog Entries from Pennsylvania Film Connection Students

Mike Whitehead

Mentor-student phone callPosted by Mike Whitehead on 2018-08-29

Time did not allow the mentor and student to meet face-to-face this week so a phone call session was conducted. Primary purpose was to talk about few additional tweaks to be made to the short script, and when we next meet (next week) we will look to copyright it... Read More >>