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Major: Directing/Producing

Ian McCamant was born in San Diego, raised in North East, Maryland. Growing up, he occupied his time crafting epic backyard universes in which his friends and he could live out epic battles, terrifying adventures, and convoluted misadventures informed by Star Wars, James Bond, and Indiana Jones.  At some point, he realized there were only two ways to reconcile his creative passions with reality: he could develop a megalomaniacal God-complex, or he could make movies. So far, he's gone with the latter; he thinks it was a good choice.

Inspired by auteur heroes like Lynch, Cronenberg, Fincher, and more, Ian dropped out of high school at 16 to devote himself full time to the study of video production at Cecil College in North East. He made his first feature shortly thereafter. It was awful, but it got him accepted into the four year program at Marlboro College in southern Vermont, where he immersed himself in film theory and philosophy. The culmination of his studies was a written thesis on morality in extreme horror films, accompanied by his own feature-length genre entry, entitled "Frivolity." His work netted him a BA in Film and Philosophy with honors, and Ian set out to work the festival circuit.

Ian is now working with Madness Entertainment in Philadelphia, studying the ins and outs of the film business under Janine Spruill.

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