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handyman Posted on 2017-02-25 by Khalil Duval-Hall

To day ive met up with my down to earth mentor, Nick esposotto i might have spelled that wrong sorry Nick lol I had the opportunity to help Nick build a monitor box from strap using metal rods that Nick and i cut to make a small sqaure cube. we dreesed it up a bit using this smooth black tape around two rods where the hands will be placed to control the monitor. Nick talked to me about the importance of a Assistant Producer. I would have to say i wouldn't mind being an assistant producer if thats wear I have to go to stop by to progress in the film industry well then sign me up. This is only day one im looking forward to the possiblities this program has. 

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Khalil Duval-Hall

light camera actionPosted by Khalil Duval-Hall on 2017-03-10

Today I helped my team shoot a scene for our short film. I got a chance to set up the lights to clear the dimness, play as an extra and i was able to learn how to rewire certain cords, putting conduants around them so they can be protected in the rain... Read More >>