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Hands On Posted on 2017-03-03 by Khalil Duval-Hall

Yesterday I was at the prodution studio with the whole production team and it was great to see them all working in their fields. I learned how to set up the lights for when we are shooting a scene that is to dark. I leaned how a dolly zoom is shot, the effect of it was very awesome. So far im still interested in screenwriting but if i had to pick another field to work in i think it would be directing.

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Khalil Duval-Hall

light camera actionPosted by Khalil Duval-Hall on 2017-03-10

Today I helped my team shoot a scene for our short film. I got a chance to set up the lights to clear the dimness, play as an extra and i was able to learn how to rewire certain cords, putting conduants around them so they can be protected in the rain... Read More >>