Marvin DesirePhiladelphia Film Connection

Major: Directing/Screenwritng

Marleaux Desire´is a Haitian American Director based out of Baltimore, MD. He began shooting videos in 2014. At the age of 19 he purchased his first Canon DSLR. Marleaux began his film career directing music videos for local and independent artists in the DMV area, during this time he was also majoring in Fashion Design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Conflicted between Fashion & Film Marleaux decided to dropout of his fashion design major and pursue a career in video production. In 2015 Marleaux began his Apprenticeship at Backseat Conceptions through the FilmConnection. In his 8 month Apprenticeship he gained the first hand knowledge and experience he needed to successfully work in a video production enviroment. In 2016 Marleaux left his apprenticeship with Backseat and moved back to MD to build his own video production company. Marleaux and two other independent filmmakers/music video directors Aus Taylor & Director AU joined creative forces to create The88. The group is currently working out of Soundwav Studios a MD based reocording/multimedia studio. Marleaux is still currently in the process of scriptwriting for the film \"SCIENTIA\" a sci-fi pyschological thriller, he is also beginning production with The88 for the short film \"WINDOWS\"