sarah-birkTennessee Film Connection

Major: Producing

Hey! The names Sarah and i am very outdoorsy. Growing up in the south with two older brothers really makes for a fun childhood. During the summer weekends i can be found on the water in my Kayaks. Ive been in love with film since i was a kid. My friends and i would use my parents camera to make short videos, even remade Freaky Friday one time. Then when i was 12 for christmas they gave me my own camera and fate struck like cupid. It wasnt until high school that i really learned about the message National Geographic sends and became a huge supporter. I then realized that i wanted to make documentrys about life and people. Eventually i want my focus to be in environmental and animal conservation along with anthropological studies and adventure filmmaking. Hopefully ending a long career by reaching my dream of becoming an Explorer In-Residence for National Geographic. Then during my second year of college i found what would become one of my biggest inspirations and best friend. A pit/husky puppy off craigslist dubbed Mickie. Which brings me to my brand of MickieTree.

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