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Major: Direction, Production, Screenwriting

I studied Political Science and Economics in college over a decade ago. I shifted my majors from Computer Science after the 9-11 incident. I studied Diplomacy for Masters. I wanted to work for the government, but my conscience wouldn\'t let me do it. Plus, I had to put food on the table. 

When asked by potential mentors about why I want to be a filmmaker, I replied I want to better understand human nature. I was rejected by two mentors before Deen took me in. I knew nothing about film-making when I started out, although I knew the sensibilities of a film-maker. I had read a number of books in the Interview series before I started the program. I started with Tarantino, then Scorsese (interviewed specifically by Richard Schickel), then the others: Spielberg, Coppola and Kubrick. I also read books by the great Walter Murch (In the Blink of an Eye) and the prolific Sidney Lumet (Making Movies). I have just finished reading a book called The Conversations, that happened between Walter Murch and Michael Odjante. It is on the importance of film as a medium, the use of sound/cuts and the mentality required for appreciating and understanding all the fine arts. I have just started reading the Biography of David Lean. Note: he had a learning disability when he was a child, just like his protege, Spielberg. 

The first script I am attempting is the story of a man in a coma. Part of the story unfolds in his mind. Hint: the story also has to do with learning disabilities. 

If there is one person I could have dinner with, it would be FDR, after he caught polio and before he decided to run for office. 

I work full time as a Systems Analyst at IBM. I work nights and weekends with my mentors, Jana Sue Memel (with Screenwriting) and Deen (with Production and Direction).

The films I watch most often are:

1) Lawrence of Arabia

2) Jurassic Park

3) The English Patient

4) Taxi Driver

5) The Godfather

6) Django Unchained

7) 2001: A Space Odyssey

This list will not change. But if you ask me what my favorite movie is, it\'ll change depending on my mood. It might not even be a movie on this list! 

I live in Dallas, Texas.

I think magic happens when actors deliver through particular lenses. I am looking forward to the magic!

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