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Directing Again Posted on 2017-09-27 by Jacob Sizemore

Film Connection has been pretty damn good, not much to complain about. I've been around people who have a passion and love what they do. Part of me wonders when they are going to get lazy and stop cus that's what I've been accustomed to when it comes to other filmmakers. However that has not happened to my extreme delight and I hope it never does. There is always something to do and the push to make professional content is really enjoyable. 

We've been busy with TV series we are doing for a church and a whole lot of commercials, one of which I made which was pretty sweat on it's own. However we are finally getting to the good stuff. My mentor Deen has been working on a a script for a TV series for a while now and we are going to get started shooting in November for two weeks strait until December. I literally can't find a better way to spend the holidays than surrounded by cameras. 

Now while I love working with the crew I have been craving to create my own content again and be in the directors chair once more. Now that I have adjusted to the system in place I can go back to making my own films. I've recently finished a music video for a country band and I'm now working on a short film that I wrote a while back called "Bad Day". 

The film is written and directed by me and stars Liam McDermott, Eric Zuniga, and Gunter Kinsey. It's a comedy action film in the vain of "Baby Driver" and is an experiment on what I as a low budget filmmaker can do with cinematography and sound to tell a story. I plan to have the whole thing wrapped up shooting in the next three weeks and take the next few to finish up some of the more extravagant parts of the film. 

After that I plan to make 2 more very short films just to get some more experience in the bag. I love working with Deen and the rest of the crew, but it's very satisfying and important to me that I make my own films along with helping others make theirs. There's something so special and kinda addicting about making a film, slapping your name on it, and claiming it as your own. It's the reason I get up in the morning and the most exciting part about my day and I can't wait to start filming again. 

With that being said here's a picture of me and my filmmaking buddy Liam in front of the Angelika Theater about to watch a screening of one of the best films of the year "Wind River". 

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