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It's Been a While Posted on 2018-01-16 by Jacob Sizemore

It's been a while since I've posted anything on this site, reason being is from the last time I posted until now, so many things have happened. I went from casually messing with a RED camera to directing, acting, editing, and writing several films, music video's and TV series in the span of about 3 months. In short this is the most intense, stressful, and fun time I've ever had making films.

First off we made a TV series! 

My mentor Deen (who wrote the series) had been planning this series for months on end as well as several producers, writers, and students who would take place in the film. Finally we had made a foundation for it and planned on a two week period of back to back shooting. We had actors flying in from all over the world, several large locations with many many extras, and the equipment to handle such a large crowed. All that was left was to shoot the thing and it was the hardest, most exhausting shoot I have ever had the pleasure of taking part in. 

My job was co-director and camera operator. Me, as well as the director and Noah, where in charge of blocking each scene so that we knew where the cameras would be, where the lighting is being set, and where the actors are going to be. Several times we had a shot list in place where either the lighting wasn't working or the position felt off so we had to change and re arrange on the spot which several times made the experience feel crazy and sporadic but we always came through and made it work despite the difficult situations. 

As co-director I filled in for the director when he was unavailable, tired, or both. I am used to dealing with small budget films with few actors and few crew members, I am not used to dealing with actors twice my age and a large film crew so being put in charge of that was a blessing and a curse. I got a small glimpse of what big time directing feels like. That being said it was stressful , but thanks to a great crew we got it done and I'm very proud of the scenes I was put in charge of. 

After the two weeks wrapped we were all tired and ready for a nap. We weren't quite done shooting yet, but we could all say that we put our all into those two weeks.

Next I had made a music video for a band called "Song Bird Jones" for their cover song "Big Moon" a few months back. During the filing of the TV series I was notified that their album release would be on the 30th of January at the Modern Theater in Fort Worth Texas and that my music video will be playing on the big screen in front of a large crowed. 

This is the first time any of my work will be played in a theater in front of a large crowed so this is going to be a very new and very nerve wrecking experience for me. I say nerve wrecking because I really hope the audience will enjoy the music video. 

Finally a few months back I had written a short film to be put in the consideration of making by my mentor Deen. Once he and the students had all read the script and liked it they all agreed to help in the creation of this monster I call my movie.

Once again I am used to dealing with smaller scale filmmaking, this would be a film entirely planned, financed, directed, and written by me with a large amount of talented people in front and behind the camera. This was to be the hardest project I had worked on yet.

The TV series was tough, but this was something else entirely. I had never had such a large amount of people show up on set and expect me to guide them through the day and make them believe that what they were shooting was not a waist of their time and was not going to look like absolute trash on the big screen. 

On the first few days the whether was horrible, actors showed up late, extra's canceled, and props either went missing or broke. Despite all that the actors that I had pulled out really good performances, the cinematography in the film is very impressive, and the crew members where able to push though tough times. I am very proud of all of them.

As I am writing this we have finished principle photography on my film and are now moving into post production to clean the film out.

The final day of shooting was one big race against time and I'm glad to say, despite a few set backs, we pulled it off and I'm happy with what we have on film. I am so happy to have been able to go through this experience and work with all these amazing people, at the same time I miss my bed. I'm eager to start editing the film so that we can see where it will go from there. 

I am not a social person. I'm a huge introvert. I don't enjoy going out in public, posting stuff on social media, and I'll go as far as to say I'm not a big fan of large groups. Being a director is the exact opposite of who I am. That being said I'm never going to stop perusing my goal of becoming a director because I love film. I love. God put me on this earth with a passion for this kind of thing and that's what I'm going to do. End of story.

Thank you 


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