Michael GrefsrudTexas Film Connection

Major: Director, Producer, Screen writer

Ever since I was very young, I have always loved being a storyteller. Whether it be from Photography, Cinema, or Words on paper. I take Great joy in people’s enjoyment of my work. As a child I loved creating stories and reading them to my friends. Needless to say, in grade school, I had a lot of students come to me with help writing. In my spare time I would write novels with genres including love, adventure, horror, and sci-fi to escape my reality. In these stories I would transport myself to fantastic places, away from the brokenness, the hardship, and the bullies of my life, both at home and in school. It wasn’t until High school that I really began to find other ways to express myself. I found myself searching for the beauty in the world of photography, and being from Hawaii, that wasn’t too hard. I loved capturing Life and learning to tell a story through the still images of Photography. I loved the art even going as far as taking sports shots and working in the darkroom. It wasn’t until my Junior year in Highschool that I discovered Film production, and why not. I loved movies. I loved watching the behind the scenes, and listening to the director’s commentaries, I just found Film to be Magical and wondered, “How do they Do that”. Needless to say, I took to TV production Like a fish to water, it just seemed right. I would Forgo most weekends and spend them in the school production studio, out filming weddings, or even doing the recording and editing of Public broadcast in our local library. We later took our talents and showcased ourselves at the 2008 Student Television Network Convention in Anaheim, California. We didn’t win but it was still a fun learning experience Regardless the subject matter, I just loved production. After graduating High School, I, like most, went to College where I learned structure, lighting techniques, as well as Screen writing, beautiful marriage of my passion for storytelling and production. Along the way I met a script writer and producer by the Name of Rick Padilla, A Man that worked under the great late Hal Ashby, directors of such great as Harold and Maude and the Last Detail.  Through Mr. Padilla I learned a great amount. Even through him got a chance to work with JPS Brown, The Hemmingway of the Western Novel. I was Able to interview him and Do the camera operations for his Documentary, which I had so much fun doing. I learned about his experiences and of a time that was before my own. I still to this day work with Rick on several projects including works on a upcoming Netflix project. I recent Years I started my Internship with Film Connection. Here I really got a chance to learn from those in the Industry instead of reading about it in a classroom. I interned with Roger Zamora who owns his own production company and has taught me more in depth of editing and camera operations. Through him I was part of a team that produced a short film placing 3rd in the 2017 48 Hour Film Competition. Through the program, I was also mentored by Rick Dahl, A screen writer known for writing such films as Killing Me Slowly and Red Rock West. Through Him I learned how to Structure my screen writing properly to industry standards. However, in this industry I learned that I’m never done learning. Since then I have been a production assistant for Short films as “The Emerald Rose of Texas”, PA and camera operator of a Volvo commercial, Camera assistant to a Music Video “Te Amo”, and many others. I currently am working as an Animation Director for an upcoming TV show project, Animation Director and screenwriter for my own passion project, and Various roles for Litterateur Productions, including Producer and Director of Photography. This year (2019) I worked for Turner Broadcasting as an associate producer for March Madness, and made lasting report for a lifetime. My ultimate goal in life is to become a Hollywood Director and Screenwriter. Until then and even after, I will go on, continuing to learn through other and my own work, and will always have Walt Disney’s quote echoing in the back of my mind, “Around here, however, we don\'t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we\'re curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

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