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Nicole Poulain

Screenwriting, The Herculean TaskPosted by Nicole Poulain on 2018-09-30

I've been doing more idea/framework writing than I have in a very long time. Thank the Lord I have a lot of notebooks! I've been collaborating with my local mentor, discussing plans for upcoming projects, and I had my first screenwriting session with my mentor Paul Guay a week ago... Read More >>

Nicole Poulain

All Hands on Deck!Posted by Nicole Poulain on 2018-09-21

I always learning how a team works--all the requisite jobs and how they fit together. I still have a lot to learn about each individual unit, but it's nice being able to have a clearer understanding of the basic jobs of the ADs, PAs, (which much of that is common sense) Art Director, etc... Read More >>