Few places in the United States contain more diversity of scenery and natural beauty than the state of Utah. That, combined with generous incentives offered by the state, have made Utah a popular place to shoot film and television productions. Thanks in part to organizations like Robert Redford's Sundance, Utah has also become a hot spot for independent filmmakers, as well.

Among the numerous noteworthy films shot on location in Utah are Footloose, Independence Day, The Sandlot, Mission Impossible II, Thelma & Louise, Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, and many others. Not surprisingly, Utah's western beauty has made it a particularly popular location for westerns, such as Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Once Upon A Time In the West, and the upcoming reboot of The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp.

On this page, you'll find a number of talented film professionals who have all received top-shelf training in real Utah film production companies as students of the Film Connection Film Institute. Each of these talented individuals has been personally mentored in the filmmaking arts by some of the top film professionals in the industry today. Please visit their websites to learn more about the services they offer and their prior projects. To learn more about the benefits of attending the Film Connection, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Utah Film Connection Students

Riley Day

Ch 8 Blog postPosted by Riley Day on 2018-11-07

I finished off the transcribing for one of my coworkers journals, that he was working on. And now we have three Journals done for the project and starting on the forth one now... Read More >>

Riley Day

Ch 5 Blog postPosted by Riley Day on 2018-11-07

Helped with another shoot as the PA. It was again a lot of fun and a nice experience to have on my belt. Other then that been working on a lot of transcribing and working on ways to fund the big project I’m apart of... Read More >>

Riley Day

Ch 4 blog postPosted by Riley Day on 2018-11-07

Everything is going well! Did a small shoot and got to help as the production assistant. Which was really nice first experience and I hope I can do it more often... Read More >>