Cheryl AgbunagVirginia Film Connection


Major Cheryl G. Agbunag (Aug-Bun-Nog), retired reserve officer served as a Joint Collaboration Watch Officer and Trainer at the National Reconnaissance Operations Center (NROC), where she is responsible for leading a multi-faceted, collaborative team to deliver real-time intelligence to warfighters conducting national military operations worldwide and to national senior decision makers.  

Cheryl began her Air Force career as an enlisted member, where she served proudly for nine years and earned several accolades, including Armed Forces Military Recruiter of The Year and USAF Airman of The Year, during that time. She received her commission through Officer Training School in 1989, and because of her sterling service record, she was hand-picked to be one of first female officers to attend Minuteman II (MM II) Modernized Undergraduate Missileer Training, which she completed as a Distinguished Graduate.

Cheryl began the officer phase of her career assigned to the 44th Missile Wing at Ellsworth AFB, SD.  At Ellsworth, she accomplished a litany of firsts, including becoming the first female training instructor, the first Squadron Command Post Deputy Missile Combat Crew Flight Commander, and, the Commander of first all-female MM II crew. Cheryl\'s accomplishments also included earning three consecutive “Outstanding Performance” ratings during her standardization evaluations and 48 consecutive perfect test scores in Emergency War Order, Codes Handling, and Weapon System testing during her crew time. 


Cheryl\'s reputation from leadership was described as having the “right stuff” and “a top performer and leader within the wing.”  Because of her track record of consistently high performance in all situations, she was hand-picked by the wing commander to brief MMII mission system capabilities to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Colin L. Powell, and his Russian counterpart.

As an up and coming screen writer, Cheryl plans to use her real world experiences to leverage herself as an expert in Intelligence, Space, and Missiles.  \"COLD WAR CHARLIE\" is in first revision and will be released soon. ** Cheryl was diagnosed with cancer May 206 and her current project is on hold until further notice. **