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A closing of a chapter Posted on 2018-11-27 by Jonathan Presa

What an experience this has been. It's amazing how much you can learn in 6 months from professionals that are in the industry. The hands on experience and being surrounded by creative people constantly pushed me beyond what i thought i'd be capable of. The biggest thing i can take away from this entire program is that you gain confidence in what you want to do. School helped me to get a volunteering position at my local church as a videographer, helped me experience what a big budget set was like working for Digital Thunderdome Studios as a Production Assistant for a documentary called Our Daily Bread, which will be released next year, and also recording several music videos for various local artists in my area. The mentors are really encouraging when evaluating your work. Niko Brabham, is an outstanding mentor and i couldn't thank him enough for taking time out of his schedule and pouring into me the knowledge he has.

To be perfectly honest, i was scared of school being over. I thought i'd be done with school and swimming in this accumulated film school debt with nothing to show for it. Well, that fear was short lived because my mentor offered me a job at his studio! Amazing! I'm soo excited to see what else God has in store for me and couldn't be anymore thankful to Film Connection and SoundVision Studios for showing me the ropes in this industry. Every journey has a beginning and an end. This journey is over, but a new journey is just beginning. 


I'm truly blessed. Thanks Film Connection!


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