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Lesson One Posted on 2018-06-21 by Vanessa Pazmino

My first two days in Lesson one consisted of a breif review of the book, then on Saturday morning we met up with two other students where we discussed Aperture (also known as f stop),   Shutter Speed, and ISO settigns of a Camera and how each of them affect the lighting, grain, and focus of a shot. We were each able to perform a test shot and review our work. 

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Vanessa Pazmino

Blog Lines, A Facebook GroupPosted by Vanessa Pazmino on 2018-09-13

This week while attempting to overcome a small case of writers block I decided to create the Facebook group, Blog Lines for struggling writers to collaborate, expand their ideas and get helpful tips when writing their scripts! My mentor Ron Peterson has helped me to sequence  best a story quickly and he told me I have a great concept of storytelling, I want to share what I am learning with other driven individuals... Read More >>