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Hello Fellow Blogger's!! Susan Berger here!! Never in my wildest imagination would I perceive standing in front of the very phenomenal and dynamic actress/entertainer Lola Falana in addition, with a Sony Pro-Betacam. In October of 1989 my desire for a cable technician conceptualized into fruition granting me a position prior to graduation from the prestigious Cable Technical Institute.

District Cablevision via a cable installer and troubleshooting technician. What a grand honor this was for me! Embarking on a studio of any kind was not conceived until I viewed people coming in and out of the cable network studio with looks of artistic completion. I was bitten so I visited the fully staffed studio trying to blueprinting a more permanent entrance. With little success I continued to show up to see if someone did not show up.

When the urgent cry dispatched for someone, anyone including a technician to help on the camera a wave of enthusiastic excitement engulfed me not knowing Lola Falana my childhood role model would be my first shoot ever on camera! Without hesitation I responded to the call with a gleeful, “ ETA in six minutes all field work completed.” The studio had a range of barn, soft and beam lights positioned. Three camera's were placed in a semi professional bow arrangement and one had my name on it. After learning to white balance, focus, zoom in and out I felt quite the technician at home. I adorned my studio microphone and headphones, met and welcomed Lola Falana and that was the beginning of my career in Film and video production!

Since the onset of those very unique occurrence's various related encounters and production projects enhanced my experiences as a certified Producer, Floor Director, Editor, Studio and Filed Technician (lighting and sound)has afforded me to valuable and accomplished skill-sets in those arenas. Working with producers on their shows in various capacity’s, personal productions, and updated training continue to enrich my skill-sets for dynamic production. 

Some of my projects can be found on YouTube under DCTV Student Exposure and other various productions. Prince Georges County initiatives on bullying, substance and child sexual abuse. Below are a list of my personal projects and productions: My manuscript titled Finding You Finding Me(the latter rain) is scheduled for sale October 2015 under my own ISBN.

I recently retired from education and am currently working as a member producer on various projects with DCTV cable television and also as a freelance photographer from my home studio. Our theater production and round table discussions have produced writers, singers, studio production time and historically led to key funding for various children initiatives in Prince Georges County and the District of Columbia Schools.

Production Projects: Stage:

Director, Playwright:
The Universal Ugly Face of Childhood Sexual Abuse (Pending Funding )
A Victim’s Whisper 2012 Dr. Henry Wise Jr. High School
Impact Pulpit Plays, Temple Baptist Church (2011-2012)
The Gospel of Obedience (2012) Temple Baptist
Church Denying Others the Cross (2012)
Temple Baptist Church Listen to the Small Still Voice (2011)
New Redeemer BC. Bus Stop Gospel (2011)
Temple Baptist Church Jesus Christ Modern Day Crucifixion Today (2010)
My Town Talent Show, (2005)
Where Eagles Fly-September, September16, Lincoln Theater(1993)

Duties & Responsabilities

Script Writer, Set Assistant, Set Designer, Lighting, Floor Manager, Director
Graphic Artist, Actor, Costume Design, On Location Manager, Photographer,
Cinematographer, Boom, Lavalier Microphone, Sound, Technical Director,
Editing. Familiar with the use of various Audio Console's .

Classroom Distractions, 20010
Distractions in the Classroom (2009)
Voice Over: District CableVision/Comcast Sam Records Washington, D.C.
2008 On Location:


Historic Street Name Change, DC Government Jazz Blues Concert July 2012
Metropolitan Church with Pianist Caylle Christopher May 20th,
2012 Burrell’s 40th Navigator’s Celebration 2011
Al Johnson & Desi Hill “Night at the Masonic Temple” July 24th 2011
Historic Street Name Change Jazz & Blues Concert: Ruby Hayes 2011
New Redeemer “Young Wedding” - June 22, 2010,
My Town Talent Production Tour July *2005-2007
Temple Baptist Church “Hardy Wedding” - October 17th, 2009
Lola Falona Interview, Distrist CableVision/ Comcast 1997
Studio Georgia Avenue Day Parade 1995-2003
Photographer DC Family Reunion (2001-2004)
Where Eagles Fly-September 16, (1993)
Georgia Avenue Day Parade (1990-2009)
Special Olympics, Galludett College, Sharpe Health School (1987-1998)
Art Institute of Rosslyn 2009-2010 (return pending funding)
Digital Film & Video Production District Cable Vision/ COMCAST Studio Production 1995-2007


Name: Susan Berger 

Birth: Born October 1st, 1956

Location: Washington, D.C.

Phone: 202-215-5214

e: [email protected]









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