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My name is Adam LaPine, I am 20 years old and live just northeast of Seattle Wa in a city called Snohomish. I went to Monroe Highschool and developed my taste for Video Production through film classes they offered there. I quickly excelled through Broadcasting to head editor and producer for our school broadasting team. That brought my attention to local mentors that may be able to help mentor me for my Senior project i was doing on Directing so I turned to Ryan Brein, a graduate from Full Sail University down in Florida. He was able to help me prepare and shoot and edit a music video for my project.

         From there everything else has went up from there. I got connected with Film connections who hooked me up with my current mentor Zeek Earl of SHEP Films who have done countless commercials and narrative films throughout seattle and the U.S. it has been a great experience working with them and the people I have met through them. I am definetly looking for new work out there to show off my talents and knowledge with a camera and on set.

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Adam LaPine

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