Public Enemies. Bridesmaids. The Straight Story. The Deep End Of the Ocean. Super Size Me. The Amityville Horror. Major League. What do all these noteworthy films share in common? They have all been filmed (in whole or in part) on location in Wisconsin. Thanks to a diversity of scenery, plenty of natural beauty, and generous financial incentives offered by the state, Wisconsin has been a favorite backdrop for local, independent and major film productions for many years.

Here on this page you will find a number of professional filmmakers featured, all of whom have received top shelf training in real film production companies as students of the Film Connection Film Institute of Wisconsin. Each of these talented individuals was mentored and trained one-on-one by some of the most influential filmmakers in the industry, and each is well-qualified to handle your professional filming needs. Please consult their websites to find out more about the various services they offer, as well as to look over their previous projects. If you'd like more information about the benefits of attending the Film Connection, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Wisconsin Film Connection Students

Lizzy Graves

4th Film ShootPosted by Lizzy Graves on 2016-10-04

Last week Tuesday and Wednesday I was on film set for a hospital that my mentor brought me on. This time he had me run audio because he knew I ran audio in the past for other projects I had worked on... Read More >>